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Agency Information Page

– Very cool! But I can’t make it myself.
– I don’t have time to make it.
– I can’t buy it in my own country.

I can build and paint garage kit for you!
Please take a look at my previous work in “Protfolio
You can find out more about me and the production process in “About Me(ENG)

You can buy genuine garage kit on your behalf.
However, only those that I paint and assemble will be accepted.
In that case, the garage kit fee will be charged separately from the painting and building fee.
(I buy them at Yahoo Auction, Booth, Wonder Festival, TFO, etc.)

We accept anyone who lives in an area that supports EMS (Express Mail Service)!

We use the DeepL translation tool.
I’m sorry if the English is wrong.

Reference prices and notes

and painting of garage kits will cost 108,000JPY to 168,000JPY.
*The price will be higher than the reference price for items with or without eye paint, detailed specifications, personal reproductions or 3D printer output.
*If there are two character kits or a battleship, etc. in addition to the characters, the price will be for 1.5 to 2 pieces.

Shipping and handling, 4% PayPal fee, will be charged separately.
If I purchase a garage kit on behalf of you, the garage kit fee will also be charged separately.

(We apologize for the higher price compared to those in Japan due to Paypal fees and other issues.)

Please feel free to contact us through “Contact(ENG)” for a quote or questions 🙂

– This is a personal work. There may be some scratches, overflows, and irregularities.
– Please be aware that there may be a significant delay in the delivery date due to production reasons.
– We do not accept plastic models or gore models at this time.
– We do not accept recasts or pirate versions sold by E2046 or GK-M.
– We do not accept cancellations of transactions. In the unlikely event of cancellation, 70% of the estimated total amount will be refunded.
– We are not responsible for any mailing accidents (loss, damage, etc.). In case of damage, please refer to the details in “⑤Shipping the product” below.
Production Flow

Request a Quote
Please send the following eight items to the contact person listed under “Contact“.
– Your name (or nickname, if you prefer)
– Country of residence
– Garage Kit Information (maker’s name, product name, number of parts)
– Photos of the garage kit (packaging box or bag, kit itself, decals and other accessories)
– Requests (e.g. original or anime eye paint, preferred color scheme, etc.)
– Requests for the pedestal (wood or acrylic, etc.)
– Budget (will accommodate as much as possible within the above reference price).
– If you want me to purchase garage kits on your behalf, please provide me with links to Yahoo Auctions, Mercari, etc.

The subject of the e-mail should be “Name (nickname allowed) + Commissions”.
We will reply within two days.
If you do not receive a reply, it may be classified as spam, so please contact us on Twitter.

If you are satisfied with the quotation, please make a payment via Paypal in 3 days.
(Please pay the bank transfer fee)

②Payment and Kit Shipping
Payment of fees will be accepted via paypal.
There are two types of payment methods.
– Full payment in advance
– 50% down payment, 50% after completion

※If I am purchasing a garage kit on your behalf, please disregard the following information.
You will be asked to send the kit you wish to produce by a shipping method with tracking and compensation.
Please make sure that you have all the parts before shipping.
We cannot deal with postal accidents. Please understand.
Shipping and customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.
(If customs duties are incurred upon receipt of the kit, we will charge you.)

Arrival of the kit – Notification of delivery date
We will check the status of the kit and inform you of the delivery date.
Please allow 3 to 6 months for delivery.

Notice of Finishing
We will report the finished product with photos.
Please check the photos carefully, as we do not accept any redo after you receive the product.
If there is an angle you would like to see, please feel free to let us know.

Shipping the product
It will be shipped by EMS.
We will pay the shipping cost.
Please bear the cost of customs duties, if any

★Kit Packaging and Shipping Damage
To prevent damage during shipping, we may package the parts separately for shipping.
Since there are magnets and brass wires in the parts, the client must fit them together or insert them by themselves.
We will check the parts before delivery, and if it is difficult, please let us know and we will assemble and glue the parts before shipping.
However, if the item is damaged, please correct the damage by yourself using epoxy adhesive, etc., or we will correct the damage if you pay the return shipping cost.

Notification of arrival
We would appreciate it if you could contact us when you receive the kit.
We would be happy to receive your feedback for future use!

The above is the flow of our service.
Please feel free to contact us!